the project

What is READ ON?

According to an OECD report, reading will be one of the key skills that young people must master in a constantly changing digital society. There is a common feeling that adolescence and reading are two distant, if not incompatible, worlds. But young people do read a lot, especially if they are stimulated and engaged.

READ ON - Reading for Enjoyment, Achievement and Development of yOuNg people is a taking a chance on this new generation of readers. The project aims to support and spread a passion for reading among young Europeans aged between 12 and 19 through their active involvement in redesigning the ways of experiencing, sharing and creating literature.


With the support of the EACEA’s Creative Europe Community Program, READ ON will last for four years (June 2017 - May 2021) and it will include seven international partners, including schools, festivals and cultural promotion centres, all of which have a special focus on the under 20s: Haugaland videregående skole (Haugesund, Norway), Skudeneshavn Internasjonale Litteratur-og Kulturfestival (Skudeneshavn, Norway), Festivaletteratura (Mantua, Italy), Writing West Midlands (Birmingham, United Kingdom), Agrupamento de Escolas Carlos Gargaté (Almada, Portugal), Associació Tantàgora Serveis Culturals (Barcelona, Spain) and West Cork Music Ltd (Cork, Ireland).


READ ON is divided into a series of coordinated actions focused on the promotion of literature in its different forms, reading habits, narratives and the digital world, the relationship between authors and young readers, seeking to free up the creative energy of the youngsters, expand their knowledge and give answers to their concerns and full expression of their potential. Some of the initiatives planned by READ ON include creating crowdsourced anthologies, producing a podcast dedicated to emerging forms of storytelling, creating a permanent workshop for fan fiction, a competition for narrators and comic book authors under 20, public meetings between authors and young readers, and authors involving youngsters in creating stories.


The project aims to involve different groups and entities for each initiative: literary festivals, libraries, reading groups, associations, youth centres and other institutes that work in the education sector in the six countries. READ ON is not only directed at youngsters, but it aims to provide the tools, examples and good practice for teachers, educators and those in the cultural sector to promote pro-reading policies among teenagers and, consequently, throughout all of society.